Reusable diapers QIANGUNUI - and the quality will pleasantly surprise you;)

In the 21st century, we return "in the past" and reusable diapers begin to gain popularity no less than disposable Pampers and Haggis Smile

Thinking about how much hard-to-decay material goes to the urn, and money goes with it (disposable diapers for today - not a cheap pleasure for Wink), I decided to "join the beautiful" - to help nature and the family budget, and buy a pair of reusable diapers for testing. Of course, the only thing I decided not to help is the washing machine and my hands, which it will all wash-dry-maintain the number of dry consumables in the optimal amount.

But try not to torture Wink

And this is what happened.


At once I will say that reusable diapers of the Chinese brand Qiangunui will describe from the position of comparison with other products of the same segment. That is, my attitude to this product is formed on the background of the experience of using reusable diapers of other brands.

And, running ahead, I will say that it is Qiangunui - it is not even a bad option. Although, I confess honestly, I took a little cautious attitude towards them (from the very beginning). The price is not high, the brand is not known, in free sale (not online stores) there is not to feel. Yes, and the manufacturer - Celestial (it was this moment that embarrassed me the least, because today in China produce very high-quality things).

So, reusable diapers Qiangunui.

There is a huge variety of colors - from monophonic to pretty drawings and prints.

I came very girlish, but, at the same time, not a bright coloring - hearts on a white background and a cat on the pope. You can buy it - HERE.

The price for such a thing is generally not high (I compare it with other diapers, the cost of which is from 200-300 UAH / pcs and above) Immediately - only 65 UAH. (150 rubles). But even more you need to buy liners, but they need a lot ...

In general, there are two versions of such diapers:

for the summer - mesh
for colder seasons - fleece

I have a variant with fleece. And after another "fleece" diaper was somehow not familiar ... this "fleece" diaper Qiangunui looked too thin and unreliable. But believe me - the first impression is deceptive Wink for reliability it does not affect. But for warmth - yes. Wet any diaper will become cold

By the way, I thought that such a coating would be more "hard", not pleasant to the body. But no - a gentle material that does not cause discomfort in the child when wearing. At least, Qiangunui just so Wink

As for the reticule - the idea is generally interesting, so I think how to wash the hard from this mesh ....

Многоразовые подгузники QIANQUHUI / QIANGUNUI  фото

In general, many people before acquaintance with reusable diapers seem that it will be something similar to the "Soviet oilcloth" - dense and not breathable. I was afraid of the reverse picture - that the fabric will be too "breathable" and will let the moisture in. All the same, it is difficult to maintain such a balance - let the air in, the moisture does not release Smile. But in reality, the fears of one and the other were in vain))

In size - the standard. That is, those diapers that I saw go about the same size, and Qiangunui does not fall out of this system. But despite the fact that all the diapers are very similar, they all sit in different ways.

There are two secret here:

buttons - their number and location will affect the "landing"
rubber, which make the shape more streamlined (under the legs and on the back)

And in this regard Qiangunui I was pleasantly surprised by Wink

Somehow at the first consideration of buttons it seemed .. it is small, that whether Smile but for the child after a year of such quantity is quite enough to adjust the size under the child. Buttons have different functionality - some are designed to fasten the diaper on the baby, making the panties, the second - to fasten the diaper parts together, thereby reducing it. Some buttons can not perform two functions at the same time.

What was pleasantly surprised, so that the buttons are additionally reinforced - there are additional pieces of cloth under each button of the main row, and an additional strip of fabric under the belt. So the buttons will be less torn out.

Rubbers under the legs are elastic and not tight, but, at the same time, the diaper is well attached to the legs thanks to them. In this regard, for me Qiangunui is one of the favorites. The density of the fit completely suits me.

On the back there is also an elastic band, which has a double function - firstly, it makes the shape more ergonomic and allows not to squeeze the tummy while tightening the diaper. Secondly, the rubber band also frames the entrance to the compartment, where the liner is placed. Here Qiangunui again I was pleasantly surprised by Wink gum TWO (in many reusable diapers only one rubber band and the second edge loosely hangs).

Многоразовые подгузники QIANQUHUI / QIANGUNUI  фото

The insert in the diaper is inserted easily, with straightening inside the problems does not arise. When worn, it does not clump and does not move to one point, despite the fact that the child is very active.

But if you put the liner just inside the diaper (not in your pocket, but on top), then it may slightly move out because of the smoothness of the inner coating. Yes, this way of wearing is also provided by the manufacturer. And so the diaper will have to be changed much less often - after all, the liner takes all the moisture and does not "wet" itself, and the inner layer of the diaper stays dry .. but only on condition that the liner changes almost immediately after the child has done his job))

If the first way to install the liner, I had to immediately erase the whole diaper, then with the second method, in spite of the insertion of the liner, the diaper itself can be "stretched" into 3-4 replacements of the liner and so often not changed. So you'll have to wash less often Wink well, only liners need to be changed often. So they need to buy more in any scenario.

By the way, about washing - read that reusable diapers can not be washed with soap. About this I found very interesting information:

Soap on "animal fats" zamylivaet tissue and reduces the absorbency of the liner. With liquid soap and soap on "vegetable fats" there are no such problems.

It turns out that air conditioners also create a "film" and that's why they can not be used when washing liners.

Only baby powder, and then - without using an air conditioner. To boil, respectively, too, it is impossible - at high temperatures, the "membrane" is destroyed.

Wash at 40 ° C in a gentle mode

I will not say that everything is washed easily - in order to manually "lining" the diaper is again white, you need to work Smile

There are also restrictions in terms of drying:

Can be dried in a washing machine.
Panties are not desirable to dry on heaters
Inserts can be dried on the battery

With a battery and liners, I do Wink because in the cold season without them will dry unrealistically long.

The diaper itself dries up quickly enough.

Before the first use, I washed both the diapers and the liner, the water did not stain, the diaper did not shed. But I noticed that after multiple washing, the color of the picture all the same became a bit lighter - I compare it with the original photos, but not critical, not "faded." It can also depend on the powder.

Sitting diapers is not bad, not much flopping Wink But yes, look more volume than regular diapers, which makes some restrictions in the choice of clothes for the child. By the way, these diapers are even thinner against the background of the Wink brothers

As will sit on very young children - I will not say, since I started using from a more "conscious" age of the child.

I use reusable diapers mainly for daytime sleep - this is an obvious saving for usual diapers. True, inserts are better to put two - so more reliable Wink

At night, even two liners are not enough (I mean, if you leave the diaper for 6 hours, as usual). Here liners will have to be changed more often, even if they are used immediately for 2 pcs.

The filling indicator, as in Merris, is not here. Wink Found a hint that the diaper's moisture can be checked by internal elastic bands (those that are on legs) without removing the diaper.

If the liner is wet, then in the case of an older child it is even to the parents on hand - the child will begin to experience discomfort, like in panties, accustoming to a pot, and the process of training will go faster. Although I draw your attention that the manufacturer does not recommend this. do not change the liner for a long time. Especially leave a wet liner in the diaper of a very young child.

I noticed an interesting feature - for the first time a diaper somehow absorbed rather than a couple of washings .... hmm ...

Allergies reusable diapers do not cause, discomfort does not arise (if the frequent change of the liner). What is not surprising - such a tough impregnation, as, for example, in Pampers (which had to "dry" on the balcony ....), in reusable diapers there (!)

The only significant disadvantage is the age restriction, more precisely, the weight of the child - such reusable diapers are calculated only up to 15 kg

 Reusable diapers Qiangunui I recommend Wink even more, for such a price.

Author: palmero

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