Visor for swimming - we bathe without tears. Two varieties and nuances of use

This visor for bathing is sold under the motto "We bathe without tears." It is also called a hat for washing your head, although .... too unusual then you get a cap (the material just above the ears, and the head is open Wink).

This visor for swimming is suitable for at least one more purpose, which I will discuss below. Wink

Этот козырек для купания подойдет еще минимум для одной цели, о которой расскажу ниже Wink

The visor was needed not so much for washing off the shampoo (although for this too), as for the very process of bathing and playing in the water - the brother likes to pour his sister's head with water. Decided to "save" the child))))

I have a pink visor, because I took it for the daughter of Smile, but in practice it turned out a bit differently - the older son uses the most))

In general, there are several varieties of colors, one can choose exactly suitable )

Вообще, есть несколько разновидностей расцветок, каждый может выбрать именно подходящую ему Smile

The design of the visor for swimming is extremely simple. Smile A circle with a hole in the center. It is fixed on four buttons, which allows you to adjust the size and use the visor for both very young children and for older children (almost to school age, depending on the circumference of the head).

In my case, the visor approached a small half-child, and the child is much older.

Suitable for head circumference:

37-55 cm.

The diameter of the visor along the outer circle is about 30 cm. The ergonomic design with the "flap" along the inner edge, adapts to the shape of the child's head.

This option is much better than the plastic version with an elastic band, since that visor is not fitting well to the head.

Material used:

EVA Foam

It is nothing but ethyl vinyl acetate with good characteristics, great strength and resistance to tears. I admit, I was worried that the material would be too dense and not plastic (closer to the plastic). But no, soft, elastic and pliable - there are such neoprene swimsuits))) Here - the same "neoprene", only denser. Just remember the karemat for doing yoga))

The thickness is literally 0.2-0.3 mm. That is, excess weight during bathing (due to the small thickness and lightness of the foam material), will not feel.

There is no smell, the material is hypoallergenic and well amenable to cleansing.

The main thing is to thoroughly dry each time.

Canopies are usual and with ears Smile

The "ears" of the visor bend inward and are under the visor, while close enough to close the ears of the baby and protect against water ingress.

In use, this design is extremely simple - the visor closes on the button, sinking as low as possible to the ears of the child. All Smile

The more tightly the visor is snapped (of course, without fanaticism), the fewer chances that water will seep out somewhere. The material is soft, so it is unlikely that even with a very close fit to the head there will be some signs of squashing. But to damage the visor in case of improper use is quite possible - to pull out the buttons, tightening too tightly.

I read that some parents wear such visors in an interesting way - they first fasten the button on their necks, and then they raise the visor upwards - so all the hair is immediately over the visor and there is nothing to correct, pull the strings. But my children were not given that - the passage of the visor over the nose and ears was repulsed ))))

The visor can withstand the flow of water draining from the head, and does not bend under the weight. Furrows (grooves) direct the liquid, so that water flows not by one covering the canvas, but by small streams along the whole circumference of the visor. That is, protection from water and dripping foam from the shampoo - the maximum

Козырек выдерживает поток воды, стекающий с головы, и не прогибается под весом. Бороздки (желобки) направляют жидкость, так что вода стекает не одним закрывающим обзор полотном, а небольшими струйками по всей окружности козырька. То есть, защита от воды и стекающей пены от шампуня - максимальная Smile

In practice, this visor is more useful for the older child (it is for the process of washing off the shampoo). Conveniently Smile And now without screaming.

And with my daughter ... I'll try again, suddenly with age, fear will grow. And also deducted that there are special buckets for rinsing the shampoo with a soft spout that fit tightly to the head and the foam from the shampoo does not get into the eyes. We will try and such))

This visor for bathing is also used for cutting children - so that cut hair does not fly into the eyes and nose. True, after shearing the contour over the ears should be taken out with scissors without a visor.

I read about the use of such visors also as protection from the sun, but for me this method of use does not work - the head of the child remains open (under direct sunlight), although it's not bad for eye protection.

The minus of such a visor is only one - the child can refuse to wear Smile

This, as with any other product, the reaction is not foreseeable - a child can not appreciate a quality educational toy or flatly refuse to dress a beautiful pink overall because of ryushechek.

Daughter still does not want to wear it ... in the bathroom)) but on the room wears like a hat))

Hence, it is completely satisfied that the older brother pours his eyes, playing in the bathroom)))

But the son with pleasure even pours his head with water from different molds and toys))) This is already progress, because earlier the water jet caused panic and scream ... even if it was not directed to the child, but simply appeared in the zone of visibility .

Well, and if you really have a visor to lie around, which I doubt, then:

** joke))) Little does anyone decide to use it ...

Price for bathing visors:

In Russia I saw this on wildberries (225-250 rubles).

In Ukraine, these visors will be cheaper Smile For example, on shoppingbaby (direct link), this visor without ears costs only 45 UAH. (100 rubles)

If with ears, then - 5 UAH. expensive. It seems to me, 50 UAH. for "improved" visor - not much Smile at all In most stores with fast delivery I found more expensive.

Against the background of Ok Vaby Hippo, which costs 180 UAH. (500 rubles), the price is a gift))

If to you the peak has seemed initially too thin, do not reject purchase only because of this Smile Strength in practice good, and it without loss of elasticity.

I recommend, especially for such a price Smile

     Use only under the supervision of adults!

  Author: palmero

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