Bibicon silicone with a pocket and ergonomic design ♡ ♥ When the child learns to eat himself ...

Praise to those who invented the Smile bibs. And still a big praise to those who invented a silicone bib with a pocket .... Because, until the child starts eating SAM, Mom really does not know what stains are from food on clothes ... and crushed potato or meatball under booty ?! How are you? Wink

Bibicon silicone Nicole Baby (Ma Boshi) Soft Bib bib with ergonomic design

 Слюнявчик силиконовый Nicole Baby (Ма Боши) Soft Bib нагрудник с эргономичным дизайном  фото

The bib is made of a very soft, flexible "silicone".

TPE - thermoplastic elastomer

 The form is very ergonomic - the bib has a bend that repeats the baby's breast, so that the pocket is very well "wrapped around" the body, it is not worth the stake.

 In front there is a deep pocket, where food and liquid flows unimpeded and does not fall out when the child bends to the plate.
Bibicon silicone Nicole Baby (Ma Boshi) Soft Bib bib with ergonomic design photo

What is the advantage of this particular mount, as in the bib and Nicole Baby (Ma Boshi)? ("beads")
You can adjust the bib to the length that you need now!

 At first I thought that these "silicone beads" would rub the cervix, so I put on a bib on a sweatshirt with a hood or a wide collar. Accordingly, I had to button up the bib close to the farthest "bead", so that the entire knit collar fit.

Then I saw that these "beads" are very soft and do not rub, so I put on the bib on the clothes that the child was at that moment - and adjusted the length of the "beads" depending on the need.

 With buttons or Velcro will not adjust so much, the width is often fixed, a jacket with a thick neck is not always convenient to fit under the bib.

"Beads" well enter the groove, do not slide, they do not open themselves spontaneously. But, at the same time, even the child himself can easily remove the bib.

 There are a lot of colors.
I had a "random" and caught a green bib. But on the site you can choose any color you like.

 It is very well cleaned of food residues all over the surface.
I first looked at a similar bib, only with a tissue insert, but it would often have to be cleaned and it might not have time to dry between meals.
And then washed and dried for a couple of minutes - ready, you can use.
Silicone bib with a sponge my sponge along with a safe dishwashing detergent. The material is durable and well tolerates such cleansing 5 times a day)))
Hot water withstands very well, it just gets a little softer.
I did not try to wash in the dishwasher, but on one of the sites I saw information that this material well tolerates such cleaning.

The material is durable, withstands tension.

"Chain" attached to the bottom of the bib is not tight, it is very mobile and does not interfere with movement around the neck.
If desired - removed Wink Children have already checked)))
Silicone bib more practical than conventional terry and oilcloth is in terms of care and protection of clothing from pollution. Also very well attached to the neck, the gate is almost not spoiled.
True, very young children, it will be heavy and uncomfortable. Therefore, while the lure goes in the form of mashed potatoes and feeds the mum from the spoon, it is better to take light fabric bibs.
And when the child tries to take a spoon and eat yourself - just a silicone with a pocket))) You'll save your nerves.

Слюнявчик силиконовый Nicole Baby (Ма Боши) Soft Bib нагрудник с эргономичным дизайном  фото

The size is about 20 * 30 cm. If more precisely, then:

27 * 21 * 5 cm

At prices - here you can buy a bib Nicole Baby (Ma Boshi) for 70 UAH. (now the action, and such a slobber is only 65 UAH.), in other stores I saw 80-140 UAH. (from 200 rubles).
Nicole Baby, as I understand it, is a more budgetary analog of the Nikole Miller bibs, which is not inferior in quality.

And in general, the price is very democratic, since the bib with the same design from BABYBJORN costs almost 400 UAH. (1000 rubles).
One moment - a silicone breastplate is slightly heavier than a regular bib.

I was afraid that my daughter would try to remove him during feeding ... the first time it was. But now it's the other way around with the phrase "let's go eat" runs after this bib Wink

Слюнявчик силиконовый Nicole Baby (Ма Боши) Soft Bib нагрудник с эргономичным дизайном  фото

Silicone bib is an excellent option for kindergarten Wink When the daughter goes to the nursery, the bib, I feel, will follow her ... so the nerves spent on daily washing clothes will be exactly cared)))

Author: palmero

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