Backpack for a mobile mom, why choice on Ergoryukzak four position 360

Face forward! Here is the main and significant difference of this ergo backpack from all the others, which allow to carry the child only to face to mother, and after all the child is not always interested in looking at his mother all the time (the exception is the carrying of "kangaroos", in which, unfortunately, long time).

1- The child is confidently sitting, and the child is actively studying the world. Slings more restrict the movement of the baby, face to the world just do not plant. Suitable for a smaller one.

Also in the sling-scarf there are no such windings, that would be all ergonomic.

2-Comfortable to the child, t. Has 4 options for carrying (face to yourself, to the world, on your side (thigh) and behind). And also convenient for parents, the weight is distributed between the shoulders and the lower back.

If the child is tired - it is very easy to change the position, turn to face. And one more thing - a hood that can cover the baby while she sleeps. Very practical and convenient.

Positions "face to the world" - this position is quite ergonomic, despite the fact that there is no back support, this is not a problem, since the backpack is designed from 4 months without a liner for sitting babies and from birth with a liner.

They order a backpack with thoughts about whether the child will like it, the child can refuse to sit in it at all. Of course, in this case, in the child's ergot, do not always plan to wear it, leave it on a trip to the shopping center, shop, trips. Children are different, there is no comparison. Many children fall asleep, and sit for 2 or more hours

Cloth-cotton, everything is sewn smoothly, there are logos. Everything is fastened, holds, lengths are enough even for dads 197 cm. The child sits in the M-position, does not cry, looks around

If even soon the child refuses to sit in a backpack, it will not be a pity. The stroller is often left out and not used, because it is no longer difficult to carry a child on pens

To the backpack is attached the instruction with pictures-how to correctly fasten the backpack for all 4 positions. The site also has video instructions. Perhaps at first difficult to understand these straps and slings, then quickly it turns out to put the child.

Take care that the baby is in an ergonomic position and there is no load on the back. There are a few subtleties about the buttons, which are mentioned in the video, which really are of great importance for the baby's comfort and ergo position.

Customer reviews:

1) Thus, the thing is very good, if you use it wisely. I carry a child in her, even at home, when he is capricious, while his hands remain free. It is also very convenient to run to a store or hospital - no need to roll out a heavy wheelchair.

2) I am very satisfied! I nevertheless continue to carry the wheelchairs occasionally in vain attempts to still teach the little wreck in them to sit. But, it is much easier to carry the carriage with two hands! I regret only one thing that I did not acquire it before!

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